Hockey4Hypertension – TCF Bank Stadium
Monday, February 22
TCF Bank Stadium

Thanks to everyone who came out to enjoy a wonderful night of outdoor hockey at TCF Bank Stadium. Thanks to the Minnesota Wild and NHL for donating the ice and making this event possible. Thanks to former Gophers Erik Wendell, Jordan Leopold, Pat O'Leary, Grant Potulny, Troy Riddle, Johnny Pohl, Jake Kremer, Krissy Wendell-Pohl, Natalie Darwitz, Becky Kortum, Katie Frischmann, and Bethany Brausen for coming out to play. Congrats to the Academic Health Center team on the 9-7 win.

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Paul Drawz, MD, MHS, MS
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Division of Renal Diseases & Hypertension
University of Minnesota
Final line ups (#cawlidgehawkey)
Law school plus former Gophers
Erik Wendell - Univ of MN
Jordan Leopold - Univ of MN
Pat O'Leary - Univ of MN
Grant Potulny - Univ of MN
Johnny Pohl - Univ of MN
Krissy Wendell-Pohl - Univ of MN
Natalie Darwitz - Univ of MN
Alex Herman
Tom Welty
John Perpich - Augsburg
Kiel McElveen
Keith Ahlgren
Sean Goodman - UConn
Ted Bickel - St Olaf
Will Manske
Brian Lehinger
Jess Ptachick - St Olaf

Academic Health Center     
Jake Kremer - Univ of MN
Becky Kortum - Univ of MN
Katie Frischmann - Univ of MN
Bethany Brausen - Univ of MN
Mike Stuart - Colorado College
Melissa White - St Mary's
Troy Riddle - Univ of MN
Paul Drawz - Amherst College
Bryan Trottier - St Mary's
Andy Nelson - Univ of Colorado
Matthew Drawz - Amherst College
Matthew Rogers - Amherst College
Eric Swanlund
Jake Albersheim-Carter